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Our purpose is to work together and make sure there are arrangements for safeguarding people with care and support needs and act to minimise risk of harm and adopt a zero tolerance to abuse and neglect. Safeguarding is more than protection. It also means protecting the safety, independence and wellbeing of children and adults with care and support needs.

Human beings should live free from abuse, harm, exploitation and neglect.

What you can do

Children, young people and adults help make the communities we live in. Communities have a part to play in preventing, detecting and reporting neglect, abuse and exploitation and other criminal behaviour such as scamming. We ask you to join us, and with our professional colleagues from the Police, Suffolk Health Services, Suffolk County Council, to prevent abuse from happening, protect those being abused and take action.

Watch our short video below on raising awareness of safeguarding for children and vulnerable adults in our community, and find out what to do if you see something that just doesn’t feel quite right. The message is simple…see it, recognise it, report it.


Why safeguarding matters

Abuse is not normal. Every person’s wellbeing matters. Safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility. Find help here.

If you’re worried about your safety or someone else’s we can help you to get support to protect yourself and other people at risk. Together we can work to keep everyone safe and promote wellbeing for all of us in Suffolk.

Latest News

Safeguarding Together Week

Monday, October 19, 2020 by Amy Underwood

NHS Safeguarding are delighted to invite you to the following events spanning a
safeguarding life course. Anyone can join so feel free to share this amongst your colleagues.
Please join us on the safeguarding FutureNHS workspace and @NHSsafeguarding for blogs and updates.

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Disrupting Exploitation Training

Friday, September 25, 2020 by Amy Underwood

The link below offers training that will provide delegates with an understanding of how partners can work together
to disrupt exploitation.

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