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Suffolk Safeguarding Adults Framework

The Suffolk Safeguarding Adults Framework has been developed in a multi-agency forum comprising senior adult safeguarding practitioners from the three statutory partners: Police, Health and Adult Social Care.

It has been developed, in accordance with the Suffolk Safeguarding multi-agency review recommendation, to promote holistic principles of working in all aspects of safeguarding work streams across Suffolk and it aims to ensure that safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility and is integral to complex management of care need.

The Framework provides details of Suffolk services available to further support practitioners and adults at risk in addressing normal care management, care quality and/or safeguarding concerns. The Framework is not intended to radically change the direction of policy, nor the focus on the definition of safeguarding. Rather, its purpose is to pull together existing recognised national safeguarding thresholds and best practice guidance across Police, Adult Social Care and Health Services.


The two documents below can be found on the Concerned Page of the website:


Safeguarding Adults Training Strategy

The Safeguarding Adults Training Strategy can be found on our Training Page


Safeguarding Adults Multi-Agency Policy

This multi-agency policy aims to ensure that each adult with care and support needs in Suffolk has their chosen outcomes at the heart of the safeguarding process and that their dignity and respect are central to all professional practice. The aim is to ensure that the safeguarding process is focused on the adult and not on the process.

The policy details how Suffolk manages safeguarding concerns. It references both the Safeguarding Adults Framework and the Safeguarding Journey and details roles and responsibilities of key organisations. It should be used in conjunction with providers' own policies and procedures for safeguarding adults.

This policy was approved at the Safeguarding Adults Board on 27 March 2019.


Principles of Safeguarding Supervision

This guidance is designed to outline the core principles of effective supervision, which the Suffolk Safeguarding Adults Board requires all member agencies to implement. It is not intended to replace each organisation's usual supervision and appraisal processes as Safeguarding Supervision sits alongside general supervision.


Self-Neglect & Hoarding


Learning and Improvement Framework

The Learning and Improvement Framework 2018 has been developed to demonstrate the continuous learning that is required to be undertaken across the partnership within the context of safeguarding adults at risk.


Collaborative Casework: Adults, Children and Families and Mental Health Services (Previously ACCORD)

Collaborative Casework describes the way we expect everyone across our services to work collaboratively to get the best outcomes for the adults and children we work with. We must all change the way we think about what we do and the way we do it, so the County Council, Health and other partners have been looking at how we work together. All parties recognise that the current system in Suffolk is disjointed, not preventative enough and sometimes doesn’t work best for the customer.

The guidance below applies to all casework and collaborative working across service boundaries at every level, to support a child, young person, adult and their whole family.


Guidance on Completing an Internal Enquiry




Multi-Agency Policy and Procedure in Relation to Adult Safeguarding: Managing Professional Disputes


Care Homes Information