The key principles which underpin the policies and procedures supporting adults at risk ensure that:

  • Every person has the right to live a life free from abuse, exploitation and neglect.

  • Adults at risk of abuse must be made aware of their rights and given information, advice and support, and must be encouraged and enabled to access protection from the law and legal processes.

  • Every effort must be made to promote the well-being, security and safety of adults at risk of abuse consistent with their rights, mental capacity and personal choices.

  • In most cases, the adult at risk of abuse should be the person who decides on the chosen course of action, whilst being given all possible support to do so.

  • In some cases, an adult with mental capacity may choose to remain in an abusive environment or situation. In these cases it is still extremely important to consider what advice and support can be offered to reduce their risk from harm. 

Every organisation must ensure that they promote the duty of care and protection of vulnerable people and have a clear, well publicised policy of zero tolerance of abuse. In addition, all agencies should ensure they are aware of the Suffolk Safeguarding Partnership’s policies and procedures to support adults at risk and where possible safeguarding procedures should be known and understood by customers, relatives and friends as well as staff.