Keeping adults safe: How to spot and respond to signs of abuse or neglect

Published on Friday, May 1, 2020 by Sadie Cable

Now more than ever, professionals need to be vigilant in spotting signs of abuse in adults. The landscape around us has changed, and the way in which worrying signs may present themselves may be different, but abuse does not disappear.

Legal duties to protect people still apply. Read more about legislation changes during COVID-19. It's a great time to refresh ourselves on the Safeguarding Adults Framework and how to use it.

It aims to assist practitioners and their organisations with a common understanding of the indicators of abuse, will help identify the abuse type and what, if any, interventions are required and can be used at any time.

We've developed a short video to introduce the Framework to those who haven't heard of it before:

You can also read the full Safeguarding Adults Framework document.

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