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‘Is This OK?’ is a free, confidential and anonymous, digital gateway for young people aged between 13-18 at risk of, or currently experiencing, sexual or criminal exploitation and/or abuse.

Children and young people can:

  • Seek local information / support,
  • Talk to a chatbot
  • Speak to a trained professional.

The pilot has been funded by BBC Children in Need and delivered in partnership by Missing People and NSPCC/Childline. John Moore University is evaluating the project.

During the initial pilot phase (Sept 2019 – March 2020), the chatbot was accessed 1,746 times. As a result, 344 live chats were initiated by young people; 214 (62%) of these were ‘engaged chats.’ This means the young people were supported to explore risks and their options; and/or helped by an advisor to stay safe; and/or signposted to another service for help. The average length of a chat is around 30 minutes with the longest chat lasting almost three hours. 

From the initial findings, online chat works for young people. Young people have said that they are more likely to seek help from professionals via text and online chat where these channels are available.