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Suffolk County Council and Suffolk Safeguarding Partnership (SSP) must ensure all providers claiming early education funding complete the Safeguarding Self-Assessment document. Failure to return this document to Suffolk County Council will result in a delay to receiving your grant funding and ultimately your ability to claim funding in the future. The template has been cross referenced to key documents to assist you in completing the sections.

To access the self assessment please click on the link below:

Early Years Safeguarding Self-Assessment


Early Years and Childcare Providers Safeguarding Training

Providers should be confident in their understanding and implementation of all the safeguarding and welfare requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage Statutory Framework 2017. (Please note that although the framework refers to LSCB, all LSCBs have now been replaced with Safeguarding Partnerships).

This states:

  • 3.4. Providers must have and implement a policy, and procedures, to safeguard children. These should be in line with the guidance and procedures of the relevant Local Safeguarding Children Board (LSCB).

  • 3.5. A practitioner must be designated to take lead responsibility for safeguarding children in every setting. Childminders must take the lead responsibility themselves. The lead practitioner is responsible for liaison with local statutory children's services agencies, and with the LSCB. They must provide support, advice and guidance to any other staff on an ongoing basis, and on any specific safeguarding issue as required. The lead practitioner must attend a child protection training course that enables them to identify, understand and respond appropriately to signs of possible abuse and neglect (as described at paragraph 3.6)

  • 3.6. Providers must train all staff to understand their safeguarding policy and procedures and ensure that all staff have up to date knowledge of safeguarding issues. Training made available by the provider must enable staff to identify signs of possible abuse and neglect at the earliest opportunity, and to respond in a timely and appropriate way.

When selecting training you must ensure you have a comprehensive understanding of Suffolk LSCB’s safeguarding processes and procedures. Suffolk County Council’s Early Years and Childcare Service offers the following safeguarding training which is endorsed by Suffolk Safeguarding Partnership and is specific to early years and childcare practitioners (pre-school playgroups, out of school clubs, day nurseries and childminders).  

  • Early Years Safeguarding Training (suitable as an introduction and to refresh your learning). Provided face-to-face either as a venue based or In-setting course. (Course Codes E-SG or E-SGinsetting)  

  • Early Years Designated Safeguarding Lead: Roles and responsibilities training – recommended for safeguarding leads and childminders. (Course Code E-RAR)  

  • Safer recruitment practice for Early Years and Childcare Settings recommended for managers, leaders and relevant committee members. (Course Code E-SR)

The above SSP endorsed Safeguarding training for early years and childcare providers is available on: www.suffolkcpd.co.uk

Contact email address: eyc.wfd@suffolk.gov.uk

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