Honour Based Abuse & Violence

Honour based abuse is a term describing harmful behaviours used to control and punish a member of a family or social group to protect cultural and religious beliefs, in the name of honour. 

It mainly happens to women and they are injured or killed for breaking the honour code of a family or community, causing shame.

So-called 'honour based violence' is a fundamental abuse of Human Rights and illegal.

There is no honour in committing or ordering murder, kidnap and the many other criminal violent acts against women.


This is happening across national and international boundaries, within families and communities and cultures. In some communities it is called ‘Izzat’. Women are mainly the victims of ‘so called honour based violence, but it can happen to male family members. 

Here's further guidance to help identify who may be at risk and how to recognise this abuse.


Honour Based Abuse, Forced Marriage and Female Genital Mutilation Guidance

New National Guidance on FGM