Safeguarding Adults Week

Published on Wednesday, November 17, 2021 by Linda Rumbold

Safeguarding is everyone's responsibility

Safeguarding Adults Week - 15th to 21st November 2021

"Safeguarding Adults Week is an opportunity for organisations to come together to raise awareness of important safeguarding issues. The aim is to highlight safeguarding key issues, facilitate conversations and to raise awareness of safeguarding best practice. So we can all be better together." (Ann Craft Trust)

You can listen to a 5 minute podcast between the Suffolk Safeguarding Partnership and the Ann Craft Trust to help understand what the week is all about here.

The overall theme for the week is "Creating Safer Cultures" and each day focused on a specific topic within that theme. We shared information and resources throughout the week via social media. You can follow the #SafeguardingAdultsWeek hashtag to see all related content.

Day 1 was about Wellbeing and Safeguarding Mental Health, and highlighted that emotional abuse can be just as devastating as any physical assault.

Day 2 focused on encouraging individuals and organisations to consider the language they use in their practice. Is your language actively inclusive? The Ann Craft Trust ran a free online seminar entitled "The Power of Language" during the week.

On day 3 we talked about Digital Safeguarding, which simply means taking steps to stay safe online. Digital communication has been a lifeline for many of us during COVID-19, but it also brings its own challenges. Ann Craft Trust have collated lots of really great resources here.

Day 4 highlighted that Adult Grooming comes in many forms, and teaches what signs to look out for. It's important, for example, for adults with learning disabilities and autism to maintain good friendships, and we shared this great animation from Norfolk Safeguarding Adults Board to help understanding.

Day 5 on Friday asked "How can you create a safe culture within your organisation?" and encouraged the sharing of great examples.

Over the weekend we highlighted the fact that "Safeguarding is Everyone's Responsibility." The Safeguarding Adults Framework is an excellent tool, aimed to assist practitioners and their organisations with a common understanding of indicators of abuse, and we have mini guides, leaflets, and e-learning available for you to access and order here.

You can also watch a short video.

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