Recent Safeguarding Inquiries

Published on Friday, July 29, 2022 by Amy Underwood

Over recent years, a great number of Inquiries have been published which highlight the abuse and neglect experienced by large numbers of local people all over the world – without exception. The scale of what took place has shocked our nation and many others. It has led to positive movements like #Metoo: Churchtoo: Black Lives Matter and several smaller action groups campaigning for positive change about specific issues, all aimed at eliminating traumatic and corrosive levels of abuse and neglect. Taken together, the Inquiries show that no place is automatically safe – being at home, training in a club, going to church. Predators have worked their way into every nook and cranny of society, where they have been able to and where the scrutiny is often absent. The 2 inquiries which prompted the Partnership to reach out this month have been the Whyte report into how many gymnastic clubs operated and the Telford Inquiry which described how hundreds of girls were sexually abused and exploited by gangs of older men. The purpose of our statement is three-fold:
  1. We recognise that at the very least, hundreds of Suffolk residents will have experienced abuse or neglect at some point in their lives
  2. This needs to be called out so a light can be shone on abuse and neglect in all its forms so we can take steps to protect local residents now and in the future
  3. We offer a conversation with anyone in Suffolk who has a story to tell about this. We will listen and with agreement, either refer a concern to the right agency to investigate or signpost the survivor in question to a local or national support service.
Do contact us via the contact details page if you would find our support valuable.

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